Other Services

Caribbean Geospatial offers comprehensive surveying solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, guaranteeing the most precise, efficient and versatile solution for every situation.

Offshore Operations

Working in offshore environments can be challenging enough even when conducting generalized low-risk work. However, performing operations in and around oil and gas platforms or off moving vessels presents a unique challenge. At Caribbean Geospatial, our team is fully trained and holds all required certificates, including CAPP Medical, Basic Survival Training with HUET-HUEBA and H2S Alive.

Caribbean Geospatial also owns & operates high-capacity systems proven to perform in the most challenging environments and can perform many tasks including:

  • General RGB inspections (ex. Flair Stacks)
  • Infrared inspections
  • Dimensional scanning
  • Video & Picture work / confined spaces
  • Unique customized work, to meet specialized needs
  • Emergency Services available

Water Leak Detection

Caribbean Geospatial uses its RTK Geothermal cameras as well as a methodical approach to locating leaks in aging infrastructure. We will work with your knowledgeable crews to assess the situation and respond accordingly. Treated water is an expensive commodity, every gallon has a cost attached to it. Let Caribbean Geospatial assist you in locating the problem(s) while doing the job by the book, safely and professionally.


Custom Integration

As a leading service provider and amassing years of technology development and integration experience, Caribbean Geospatial is keen to discover and integrate exciting new technologies to enhance the day-to-day operations of any industry.

With nearly twenty years experience in the development and commercialization of technologies in multiple industry sectors, the team at Caribbean Geosptial are dedicated to the integration of technologies through forward thinking; as well as offer superior services and capabilities.

We have the ability and desire to bring your ideas to life in the air or terrestrially. Contact us to discuss how we can assist with your requirements.

Specialized Operations

Caribbean Geospatial is proud to offer comprehensive Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/RPAS training. We prepare students for the Transport Canada – Advanced Exam and ensure that they can conduct Advanced operations safely. To apply for the Advanced Operations Pilot Certificate, the operator must successfully pass the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System – Advanced Operations exam, and then subsequently complete a flight review.

At Caribbean Geospatial we care about your continued success, therefore we’ve created our in-field Flight Training and Aftercare program. This program allows you to purchase a block of time to be used primarily for students to learn to fly drones safely and responsibly. Your time can also be used for hands-on instruction, refresher training, flight review preparation or a variety of other requirements.